E-book "Mottersproch" 📖

Today we celebrated the publication of the e-book: “Die Mottersproch in der Vielfalt des Deutschen / A língua materna na diversidade do alemão” edited by Cléo V. Altenhofen, Lucas Löff Machado, Claudia Wolff Pavan, and Willian Radünz (Editora Fundação Fénix, 366 p., ISBN: 978-65-81110-78-9, DOI: 10.36592/9786581110789)


In this book, scholars and researchers from Brazil and Germany address questions on the diversity of the German regional and immigration languages in a collection of 32 texts in a bilingual version in German (and varieties) plus Portuguese. The book is an irrefusable invitation to reflect on the role of the mother tongue in education and science, and an invaluable contribution to the visibility of issues that permeate the various situations of social life.

I had the pleasure of contributing a text discussing a song in Hohenlohisch (a German variety spoken primarily in the northeastern part of Baden-Württemberg) set to music by my grandfather Julius Gessinger. The e-book can be downloaded from the website of the Center of German and European studies (Porto Alegre/Brazil).

The live presentation of the book was recorded and can be viewed again here: