LT-Bridge Summer School (May 29 - June 1, 2022)

The aim of the LT-Bridge H2020 Project is to integrate Malta into European research and innovation efforts for AI-based language technologies.

At the LT-Bridge summer school in Galway, representatives of the University of Malta, the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), and various Dublin universities (DCU, TCD, UCD, TUD) came together to learn about topics like personalisation (Prof Owen Conlan, TCD), dialogue systems and chatbots (Dr Emer Gilmartin, TCD), neural machine translation (Prof Mikel L. Forcada, University of Alicante/Spain), coreference resolution (Dr Yufang Hou, IBM Research and TU Darmstadt/Germany), distributional semantics (Filip Klubicka, TUD), and Irish NLP tasks (Prof Kevin Scannell, Saint Louis University/USA).

The summer school also featured a special session on research career development for early stage researchers, a poster session, and ample opportunity to network.

Foto LT-Bridge summer school at NUI Galway